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Unit 2 is about describing the location of places using simple prepositions of place. It develops all language skills and can be used in ESOL literacy classes. Learners listen and follow simple instructions, find locations on a 2d map, and create their own simple sentences.

The town


The town reflects life in the UK and aims to help learners interact with the world around them as well as to develop their English language skills.

Level:  Entry 1 (National 2/Access 2 in Scotland) ESOL learners with basic literacy needs / A1 CEFR Framework.                     

Learning hours and delivery context:

Across seven units, 'The town' provides a minimum of 12 hours of learning in a classroom context, delivered via linked units. These units may be used independently or as one linked topic over several sessions. Timings are flexible and teachers can break down the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in revision as required. The resource is suitable for community ESOL and ESOL delivered in adult learning or FE. Additionally, the teacher notes provide suggestions on how practitioners can develop further linked learning (such developing and working with learner-produced texts).

Where’s the supermarket?

Time: 1.5 hours


Learners should gain the skills and knowledge to:

  • To use prepositions of place to talk about locations of places around town
  • To listen and follow a range of instructions / directions around town.

Plan components

You will need:

  • Teacher's notes
  • Picture cards – from unit 1 cut up
  • Word labels - from unit 1 cut up
  • Map from unit 1 (printed out or projected on IWB or projector)
  • Preposition sentences for teacher to read out to class
  • Pictures of characters for Activity 3
  • Sentences to describe where the characters live
  • Cut-ups for sentence construction
  • Read and copy sentences
  • True or false sentences
  • Handwriting paper for copying

Other suggested material:

  • IWB or projector
  • Cuisenaire Rods or items in the classroom (board rubber, pens)

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