This resource has been produced in two different formats:

  • this teacher’s pack, including teacher’s notes and worksheets to download

This unit, Someone at the door, provides up to 4 hours of classroom time, and covers 4 topics. Each topic features a short film, commissioned by the British Council for the ESOL Nexus project, and filmed with professional actors. The films aim to show real-life situations in which ESOL learners may find themselves, and the accompanying classroom and self-study materials aim to give learners the language they need to deal with a range of household situations.

Someone at the door

• Topic a: Electricity meter reading 

• Topic b: Charity collection 

• Topic c: Parcel delivery (the focus of this set of resources)

• Topic d: The neighbour

Each of the four topics features a short film. These films have been scripted specifically for the project, and involve actors. The two central characters are a married Indian couple, who have recently moved to the UK, and who are getting used to life here.

Each film focuses on them in a specific scenario, such as dealing with a meter reader who arrives at their flat, or dealing with unwanted cold calls on the telephone. ESOL learners should be able to relate to the experiences of the couple.

The learner materials and teacher notes contain activities for use before, during and after watching the films. They enable the learners to notice, learn and use some of the functional language featured in the films.

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