Student in woodwork class.

This lesson gives practice in elements of the Skills for Life ESOL exam papers. In each reading paper candidates are required to identify signs, recognise basic text types and purpose and identify capital letters. These aspects are practised in activities 1, 4 and 7. In the speaking and listening exam, candidates should speak uninterrupted using a set of prompts. Similar practice is given in activities 3 and 4.

Topic: Preparation for Skills for Life ESOL entry 1 exams using the topic of health and safety at work

Level: Entry level 1 / Scottish Access 2 / CEFR A1

Time: 150 minutes plus extensions. You may wish to use this over 2 sessions


  • To introduce some basic health and safety signs and talk about health and safety at work.
  • To familiarise learners with some aspects of reading, writing, speaking and listening exams.


Learners will be able to:

  • recognise some basic health and safety signs in a work and prison context
  • talk about health and safety using can't and must not and can
  • talk for one to two or more minutes about their own experience of health and safety and work
  • recognise two text types (poster, advert) and answer some questions
  • write a short email about themselves