This lesson is based around employability and deals with the personal skills and qualities expected by employers.  It provides learners with practice describing their skills and qualities in job interviews.

Topic:   Employability

Level:   SfL Entry 3 / SQA National 4 / CEFR B1

Time:    Approx. 1¼ hours


  • To develop learners’ awareness of the qualities and skills expected by employers
  • To develop learners’ vocabulary to describe personal qualities and skills
  • To give practice of describing learners’ own qualities and skills in a job interview

You will need:

  • Flipchart paper and pens
  • Worksheet 1 (image of employer): 1 copy to display either on paper or via data projector
  • Worksheet 2 (text with new vocab): 1 copy per learner
  • Learner dictionaries, 1 per pair
  • Worksheet 3 (word and definition cards): 1 set per pair, cut up, and one sheet per learner not cut up
  • Class set of learner dictionaries (optional)
  • Worksheet 4 (question cards): 1 set per small group, cut up.


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