Student reading workbook in class.

This reading and speaking activity provides practice in giving clear instructions and explaining the rules of a game. Students can then play the games as an extension activity.

Activity: Jigsaw reading

Activity type: Reading, note-taking and speaking


Divide students into four groups, A, B, C and D.

On the board write:What’s your favourite game?How do you play it?

Students take turns in explaining the rules of their favourite game to their group.

Give each group their corresponding text (A, B. C or D).


Students read their text carefully, making sure they understand the rules of the game. They should clarify any doubts between them.

Tell students that they are going to explain the rules of their game to somebody else. They cannot refer to their original text but they can make brief notes to help them remember. Note: Encourage students to write brief notes by providing small pieces of paper or sticky notes.

Regroup students into groups of 4 (A, B, C and D).

Each student takes turn to explain the rules of their game to the other 3 group members. Students should be encouraged to ask and answer questions to ensure understanding.Extension

As a follow up, ask each group to choose one of the games and to play it.

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