Flowers in a garden.


Once upon a time, an elderly couple lived in a cabin near a mountain. They were farmers, and they owned a rice and corn farm. They also had one hen with six chicks. Every day, the old man fed them with rice.

One day, the old lady heard news from a nearby village that a monk was coming to stay near their home. She was so happy she had to tell her husband about it, and they decided to invite the monk for dinner..

One night, the old couple were discussing what food they should prepare for the monk when he arrived. They decided to cook a chicken curry for him. The old man said, “But we’ve only got one hen and six little chickens.” His wife started preparations while the old man went out to the henhouse.

The man approached the hen and said, in a sad voice, “Oh, my dear hen, you have given us eggs every day. Tomorrow, I want to use your meat to cook a chicken curry for a monk who is coming to stay near our cabin. Please forgive me for having to kill you.” After that, he went to bed.

The poor hen was very upset about having to give her meat to her master. She told her children about her master’s request. She told them to look after themselves and never play too far from the cabin. The little chicks didn’t want their mother to go and they cried all night.

Early the next morning, the old man went back to the henhouse. He took the hen and killed her.  The six little chicks had followed the old man and saw their mother die. They wished to die as well, so they could be with her forever, so they jumped onto the fire that the man was using to cook the hen.

When the monk arrived, he visited the elderly couple and they gave him the chicken curry. They told him about the chicks. The monk told them that they had done the wrong thing, and that they shouldn’t have killed the hen to make food for him.

The monk prayed for the hen and her chicks. When he looked up at the sky, he could see that the hen and her chicks had become the star cluster known as The Pleiades. 

This is a story of how the star cluster ‘The Pleiades' came to be. It was written by a learner called Ladda and describes how an elderly couple made a mistake by trying to impress someone. 


Task 1 - vocabulary

In this first activity, match words and phrases from the story to similar meanings.

Task 2 - comprehension

In this next activity, read some statements based on the story and decide if they are true, false or there is no information.

Task 3 - summary

In this final activity, complete the summary of the story by filling in the gaps with the correct words.