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Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl. Her name was Rosa. She was the second youngest child of eight siblings; she had three brothers and four sisters.

Rosa belonged to a very poor family. Her father was a farmer and he raised his family as a single parent. It was a very difficult task for him, but he was a hardworking man and he continued to do his best.

Rosa’s brothers were well-educated and had good jobs. Rosa was a good student and wanted to go to university. When she was sixteen, however, her father died.

She loved her father very much and was shocked by his sudden death. She would have liked to forget his death, but she could not.

After one year, she went to university for higher education, as she had planned to do. At university, she met an intelligent boy and fell in love with him. She wanted to marry him. His name was Nissan.

Rosa decided to tell Nissan about her love for him and about how she wanted to be his wife. He laughed at her for this and said that he wasn’t interested in her. He also told her that he was already married with two children. He explained that he loved his wife very much and didn’t want to leave his family for her. Nissan said, “I am your good friend but I couldn’t be your husband.” Rosa was devastated by this difficult and complex situation.

Again, Rosa wanted to forget about what had happened; this time she wanted to forget about Nissan. But, again, she couldn’t forget. As a result, she decided to leave university and spend her time at home. She was very depressed; she believed her life was over. Six or seven months after leaving university, she was hospitalised.

Some time later, Nissan received a letter, and was surprised and shocked to read of her death. He discovered that Rosa had wanted to leave this world, because she loved him so much that she couldn’t live without him. 

This is the story of a young woman called Rosa, and was written by a learner called Saeeda. The story tells of the impact of love and loss, and the sadness that these things brought to her life. 


Task 1 - vocabulary for the film

In this first activity, match words and phrases from the story to similar meanings.

Task 2 - comprehension

In this next activity, read some statements based on the story and decide if they are true, false or there is no information.

Task 3 - summary

In this final activity, put the main events of the story into the correct order to make a summary.