Have you ever written to your MP? MPs receive many emails and letters from their constituents every day. This activity looks at what information you can put into the letter and how to organise it.

                                                          23, Smith Street,


                                                          BD2 4GY

                                                          20th May 2021

Dear Mr Green MP,

My name is Leila Sidhu.  I originally come from India but I have been living in the UK for 15 years.  I have three children who are 3, 5 and 8.

I am writing because I would like your assistance with my housing problems.  I have been on a waiting list for a new house for 7 months because the house where I am currently living is extremely damp and cold. There is mould growing on the walls and water seeping through the edges of the windows. The heating system does not work properly and is extremely unreliable. The housing agency does not fix these problems quickly.

I have now been told that I must wait for another 6 months until I get my new house. I simply cannot wait for this long. It is important for me to move into a new house immediately because my children seem to be coming down with illnesses more frequently. 

I would like you to speak to my housing agency and help me secure a new house quickly so that my family can live in a warm and comfortable environment.

Yours sincerely,

Leila Sidhu


Task 1 - what to include

Task 2 - ordering

Task 3 - matching