Student wearing glasses in class


Receptionist:   Good morning. Can I help you?

Marta:               Yes, please.  I’d like to make an appointment for an eye test.

Receptionist:   Have you had a test before?

Marta:               No, I haven’t.

Receptionist:   Ok, Can you come in at 3pm on Tuesday?

Marta:               I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to pick up my children from school.

Receptionist:   Ok, how about 10 o’clock on Wednesday morning?

Marta:                Let me think - yes, that’s fine, thank you.

Receptionist:    I’ll book you in. Can I take your name?

Marta:                Yes, it’s Marta Rodriguez.

Receptionist:    Ok, and a phone number?

Marta:                 It’s 020 7845 1123

Receptionist:    Ok, That’s booked for you.  We’ll see you on Wednesday.

Marta:                Great! Is the test free or do I have to pay?

Receptionist:    That depends, The optician will tell you when you come in on Wednesday.

Marta:                Ok, great, thanks again, bye

Receptionist:    Bye.


Marta goes to the optician and talks to the receptionist.  She wants to make an appointment for an eye test.


Task 1 - check understanding

Task 2 - fill the gaps

Task 3 - make sentences