Courtyard on a sunny day


Council: Hello, Clintham Recycling Services. How can I help you?

Maria: Hello. I have got an old sofa.  Can you collect it please?

Council: Yes. Is it a big or small sofa?

Maria: It is big and heavy.

Council: Ok. We can come tomorrow morning at 7.30 am.

Maria: Ok great.

Council: What’s your name please?

Maria: My name is Maria Garcia.

Council: OK. What is your address?

Maria: I live at 78 Lamphill Road, Clintham. CT5 6SP.

Council: OK. what is your telephone number?

Maria: It’s 01374 234472.

Council: Thank you. Please leave your sofa outside your house tomorrow morning.

Maria: OK. How much will it cost?

Council: It will cost £45

Maria: OK, that’s fine. See you tomorrow

Council: Thank you then. Bye.

Maria: Bye 


Sometimes people throw away big, bulky items like tables, freezers and sofas. Bulky means big and heavy. You need to call your local council to collect bulky items. In these activities you will listen to a conversation between Maria and her local council. 


Task 1 - listening comprehension

Task 2 - put sentences in order