Adult student in class.


Council: Hello, Greenwood Council Local Services. How can I help you?

Salma: Hi, yes I have just moved to Radford Street and need to ask some questions about recycling.

Council: OK. Sure. 

Salma: Can I recycle my rubbish?

Council: Yes, of course.

Salma: How many bins will I have?

Council: You will have 3 bins. One bin for food waste, one black box for recycling paper and glass and one green bin for plastics and tins.

Salma: How often will the bin men collect my rubbish?

Council: Every week.

Salma: And what day do I put my rubbish out?

Council: On a Wednesday.

Salma: Ok, and what time do I need to put my bins out?

Council: At 7.00 in the morning.

Salma: Where is my local recycling centre?

Council: It’s 2 miles away, near the supermarket on Queen Street.

Salma: OK brilliant. Thanks for your help.

Council: No problem.

Salma: Bye

Council: Bye

Think about the following questions:

  • Do I know how to ask questions about recycling?
  • Do I know who to ask questions about recycling?

The following activities are based around a conversation between Salma and her local council. Salma is asking her local council some questions about recycling. Before you start, listen to their conversation. How many questions do you hear? 


Task 1 - ordering

Task 2 - matching