Scene 1 – sitting room

Arjun:  Deepak! Deepak! You hide this time. I’ll count to ten, then I’ll come and find you! One, two, three.

Sunita: Arjun?                          

Arjun:  I’m busy. Four, five, six. We’re playing hide and seek. Seven, eight,

Sunita: Arjun, don’t forget that Deepak’s ...

Arjun: Hiding? I know that!  Nine, ten. Ready or not, here I come!

Sunita: Don’t forget that Deepak’s teacher is coming for a visit today…. Right, we need milk. I'm going to get milk ... OK Sunita thanks.


Scene 2 - door / hallway

Teacher: Mrs Chowdry? I’m Mrs Palmer.

Sunita:  Oh hello. You can call me Sunita.

Teacher:  Sunita, nice to meet you.

Sunita: And you too. Please come in. Arjun! Deepak! Can you come here please?


Scene 3 - sitting room

Teacher:  So, you’re Deepak’s mum?

Sunita: Yes, that’s right.

Teacher: And Deepak is six, and he’s starting school with us in September?

Sunita: Yes. Will you be his teacher?

Teacher: I will, yes.

Sunita: Oh good.

Teacher: So, with my visit today… we like to visit the family at home, before the child starts school. And so it gives the child a chance to meet his or her teacher. Because when a child goes to school on the first day, it’s a big day for them, a new place, lots of new people.

Sunita: Hmm, sure.

Teacher: So if the child already knows the teacher, then it’s easier for them.

Sunita: So, do you visit all the families?

Teacher: Well, we try to. So, is Deepak here?

Sunita: Erm ... yes, I think so. I'm not sure. Deepak? Arjun? Where are you? I'm so sorry, this is very strange. Maybe they’ve gone to the playground.

Teacher: Oh! Your son likes playing in the playground, does he?

Sunita: My husband likes playing in the playground! And my son too.

Teacher: Oh, I see Deepak enjoys books?

Sunita: Yes, yes, he likes stories very much. We read to him every day.

Teacher: That’s great to hear. Because children learn so much from stories. We read a lot to them at school.

Sunita: Oh that's great. I’m sure he’ll enjoy that very much.

Teacher: Now, I think, probably, English isn’t your, well, isn’t Deepak’s first language.

Sunita: Yes, we’re from India. And we speak Hindi at home. Deepak’s English is OK. But will he get   help with English at school?

Teacher: We have EAL support at school.

Sunita: EAL? What is that?

Teacher: English as an Additional Language. It’s extra help with English, for those children who need it.

Sunita: Oh that's great.

Teacher: And, you can help him too with his homework when he comes home.

Sunita: Right. Well, we speak English and Hindi at home.  But perhaps we shouldn’t. Perhaps we speakonly English with Deepak? Perhaps if we speak Hindi with him, his English won't be so good.  What do you think?

Teacher: No. It’s fine. Deepak’s English will be just fine. And it’s good that he speaks another language at home so that he doesn't forget his Hindi.

Sunita: But will his English become worse because of that? He’s only six!

Teacher: No! It’s easy to learn a language when you’re six!

Sunita: Oh ... Look, I’m sorry, I’ll just phone my husband - see where he is. I'm sorry, I just don't know where they are.

Teacher: Don’t worry, I guess maybe he left his phone at home. 

Sunita: Oh – what clothes will Deepak need for school?

Teacher: Uniform? Right. He just needs a white shirt and grey trousers. You can buy them anywhere.

Sunita: OK.

Teacher: We’ll give him a school sweater, with the school name on it, like this.

Sunita: Oh, very nice! And what about meals? Will he get lunch at school?

Teacher: Yes, all the children get a cooked meal every day.

Sunita: Oh, that's great. And if he’s ill, what do we need to do then?

Teacher: Oh of course, yes, if he’s ill, he can stay at home. But we ask you to phone the school office to tell us. Just so we know.

Sunita: Ok.

Teacher: Look, I’ve got to go and visit another family in this block, with a little girl who’s actually starting school too. Shall I go now, and then maybe come back and meet your son in about half an hour?

Sunita: Yes please, that sounds good. I'm sorry, I'm sure they’ll be back by then. I’ll make us some tea when you get back.

Teacher: Alright, well, it’s good to meet you, and I’ll see you again soon.

Sunita: Yes.


Scene 4 – kitchen

Sunita: Arjun! What are you doing?

Arjun: I’m hiding. Playing hide-and-seek with Deepak.

Sunita: I thought you were at the playground together. Deepak's teacher was here! We had an appointment with her. So she’s coming back in half an hour.

Arjun: Oh … whoops! Oh well, there’s time for another game of hide-and-seek. Ok, you close your eyes and count to ten and I'll hide.

Sunita: One, two, three

Arjun: Stop looking!

Sunita: Four, five, six, seven ... 

Watch the film called 'The teacher's visit' and complete the activities so you can feel confident if you have to speak to a teacher about a child starting school.


Task 1 - understanding the film

Task 2 - words from the film

Task 3 - matching questions and answers

Task 4 - your turn

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.Before you start, listen to this audio:

1. Will you be his teacher?

2. Will he get help with English?

3. What clothes will he need?

4. Will he need special clothes for PE?

5. Will he get homework everyday?

6. Will the teacher give him his asthma medicine?

7. Will the teacher help him go to the toilet?

Practise until you feel confident saying the phrases.