Scene 1 – sitting room

Arjun:  Yes! Yes! Come on! Pass the ball!  No! Referee!

Sunita:  Arjun, I made you some tea. Here is some tea for you.

Arjun:  Oh, great, Sunita. Thanks.

Sunita:  Are you OK now? Have you got everything you need? 

Sunita:  Door bell rings. Arjun! The door!

Arjun:  Can you get it? I’m busy. I’m busy. I’ll answer the door.


Scene 2 – doorway

Arjun:  Hello?

Neighbour:  Oh hello, I’m Bob. I’m your neighbour.

Arjun:  Oh yes, I think I know you. I’m Arjun. You live next door. Hello.                               

Neighbour:  Sorry to bother you.  It’s just, well, when I’m at home, and when your TV’s on, er, well, I can hear your television.

Arjun:  Yes, I’m watching television.

Neighbour:  Yes, I know that. But err, well, you see, the thing is… I can hear your TV. From my flat. 

Arjun:  Oh… right.   

Neighbour:  Yeah, so….

Arjun:  So, you can hear my television?          

Neighbour:  Yes, the football, I can hear everything. So….

Arjun:  Ah, I see, I see what you mean now. 

Neighbour:  Thank you, if that’s OK.

Arjun:  You’re listening to my television because you don’t have a television, so you’d like to come in and watch the football with us? Come in!

Neighbour:  But wait, that’s not -

Arjun:  It’s a good match.

Neighbour:  Well, maybe, but I can hear it. The walls are very thin. And I can hear you!

Arjun:  And?

Neighbour:  Well, you see, I’m working… my home is also my office.

Arjun:  Oh? Yes, so?

Neighbour:  And I need, er, quiet, I need peace and quiet. And I can’t think… with all the noise.

Sunita: Arjun! Hello, I’m so sorry.

Arjun:  What did you do wrong now?

Sunita:  ‘What did I do wrong?’ ‘What did you do wrong?’!

Arjun:  What?

Sunita:  Arjun, I think our neighbour is asking you to turn down the TV, you know, turn down the volume.

Neighbour:  Exactly, yes please, if that’s OK. I mean, if it’s no trouble. Thank you.

Arjun:  Oh so you’d like me to turn down the volume?

Neighbour:  Well yes, that’s what I’m trying to say.  

Arjun:  Oh, sorry. I didn’t know it was so noisy. I was just enjoying the game!

Neighbour:  Of course, and if ever my TV’s too loud, or anything, please do let me know as well.

Arjun:  Oh sure, yes, OK.

Neighbour:  Well then, many thanks and sorry to trouble you again, and enjoy the rest of the game.

Arjun & Sunita:  Bye.

Arjun:  I didn’t know what he wanted.

Sunita:  Well, he is a polite man, a very polite man.

Arjun:  I mean, if he wanted me to turn down the volume, why didn’t he just ask?

Sunita:  He didn’t ask you?

Arjun:  No, he didn’t. He didn’t ask me to turn down the TV.

Sunita:  Well, did he say he can hear the TV?

Arjun:  Yes.

Sunita:  And did he say the walls are thin?

Arjun:  Yes, but I didn’t know why he said that.

Sunita: And did he say he’s working at home? And that he needs quiet?

Arjun: Yes.

Sunita:  So there you are. He asked you at least four times to turn down the television, but you didn’t understand because you’re so …., let’s just say, you didn’t understand.

Arjun:  Right. Right. ‘I can hear your TV’ means ‘Please can you turn your TV down’?

Sunita:  Well… yes! People give reasons, you know, for when something is a problem. Arjun, the TV!

Arjun:  Oh yes… because the walls are very thin!

Sunita:  And then Arjun? When you have a minute…. (Arjun reappears.)

Arjun:  Yes my darling?

Sunita:  I’m thirsty.

Arjun:  Oh right. Oh, right! ‘I’m thirsty’ means ‘Can you get me something to drink?’

Sunita:  Ay, you’re learning!

Sunita:  Oh thanks!

Arjun:  There’s a bit left in the bottom

Has a neighbour ever come to your home and asked you to stop doing something because it was annoying them? Watch the video and complete the activities which will help you understand more about polite requests.


Task 1 - understanding the film

Task 2 - learn words from the film

Task 3 - matching

Task 4 - giving reasons

Task 5 - your turn

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.

1. I'm hungry. Can you make me a sandwich please?

2. This bag is very heavy. Could you help me carry it please?

3. I haven't got any money with me. Please could you pay for the coffee?

4. Your clothes are all over the floor. Please can you put them away?

5. We have visitors coming over for dinner. Could you tidy the living room please?

6. I can't open this bottle. Can you open it for me please?