I like going to the market – you can buy lots of things there. There’s a butcher’s stall, a fishmonger’s stall, lots of clothes stalls, a DVD stall and a magazine stall. There’s a man who sells mobile phone accessories and one who fixes watches and cuts keys. There’s a stall where I can buy all kinds of bits and bobs – like spare parts for my vacuum cleaner and other household appliances. I especially like to buy my fruit and vegetables from the market. All the food is fresh and I can get value for money. There are lots of fruit and vegetable stalls, but I like Jason’s the best. I go to his stall every Saturday. I tell him what I want and he puts it all into brown paper bags. He always has a special offer on. I try to go at the end of the day, when things are cheaper. I love to get a bargain!

Many people in the UK like to do their shopping at markets. Watch the video, which shows what a British market is like and why people like to visit them. Practise your writing skills as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - find the verb

A verb is a word that says that someone does something or that something happens, for example:

I go to Jason's fruit and vegetable every Saturday. 

Task 2 - fill the gaps