‘Modern lifestyle makes it difficult to keep fit and healthy’.

Yes and no. Let’s have a look of how modern technology has changed our lives. Modern technology has changed medicine and nowadays many illnesses are curable whereas 100 years ago they were a cause of death.

For example diabetes. 100 years ago, it was a cause of death shortly after being diagnosed, whereas nowadays it’s just a chronic illness. Still serious, but it’s just a chronic illness, we can resist this for many years. Also vaccinations saved millions of peoples’ lives around the world. And also technical achievements in medicine make possible to diagnose, for example, cancer in early stages and that gives a bigger chance to have a treatment at right time in early stages and to be cured.

But modern technology has changed our lifestyle forever and there are not really good sides of this. For example, we are moving less than many years ago. We spend a lot of time in front of computers or in front of the television and we are less moving in our work so it doesn’t help to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

But there is also a good aspect of this. Because of the achievements of modern technology we have much more free time than ever before and it depends on us what are we going to with this free time.

We can choose to go to gym or the park or we can choose to go out for weekends and just trek or walk in the mountains or we can spend the free time in front of television or in front of our computers.

These activities aim to help you prepare for ESOL speaking examinations and giving short, informal presentations. You will hear a real ESOL learner trying out the activities. In this activity, Iwona talks about health and fitness.


Task 1 - fill in the gaps

Fill in the gaps and then listen to the talk to check.

Task 2 - useful expressions

Task 3 - prepare your talk

Prepare a talk entitled:

‘Modern life makes it difficult to keep fit and healthy’ 

Think about:

- the amount of free time people have today.

- how modern technology has changed lifestyles.

- the benefits to society of a fit and healthy population.

You can make written notes, but don’t spend more than 2 minutes preparing them.

Task 4 - record your talk

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.