Prince William and Kate Middleton smiling at their wedding


My name is Sarah. I want to tell you about a very special day that I will remember for all my life.

In 2011, my husband and I decided to take our children to London to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  We got up very early in the morning and caught the train to Kings Cross Station.  We arrived at Buckingham Palace at nine o’clock in the morning. The wedding was at eleven o’clock, but the streets were already crowded.

There were big television screens around the palace and we watched the wedding service, which was held at Westminster Abbey. Kate looked beautiful. She wore a white lace dress and a veil on her head. She carried a bouquet of white flowers. Prince William wore a red jacket and a dark blue cap. On his jacket he wore some medals.

After the ceremony we waited to see the prince and his new bride. Everyone was excited and happy. People were waving flags, shouting and cheering. Even the policemen were happy and making jokes. Suddenly we heard the sound of music and drums. A procession of soldiers came round the corner. They were wearing smart red uniforms and enormous black hats. They were walking and playing music. We saw a beautiful carriage pulled by two magnificent horses. I could see two people in the carriage. As they came closer, I could see the red jacket of the handsome man and the long dark hair of his beautiful wife.

Eventually the carriage came close to the place where we were standing. People around us were cheering loudly. My children were shouting excitedly. My husband was taking photographs. Prince William smiled directly at us. He looked so calm and happy. I looked into his eyes and he waved to me. It was a fantastic experience and I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

Sarah wrote about a day she will never forget. Read her story and complete the activities about the text.



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