Hello, my name is Jonny and I’m a medical student. I want to be a doctor because I like helping people. To get into medical school is quite hard. You have to study very hard at school and you have to know a lot about science, you don’t have to know about maths or English but you do have to work hard for quite a few years. Now that I’m in medical school I can talk to people, I can take patients’ histories, I can take blood but I can’t do any surgeries or be left alone with patients.

I’m quite far in my medical school time so I don’t have lots of free time but I can still go to the gym, I can still play football with my friends and still play other sports and music as my spare time. But I don’t have a lot of spare time anymore and also I can’t miss lessons because it’s very important to go to all of these. Overall, I’m having a good time.

In this lesson, Jonny talks about what he has to do as a medical student. The language focus is modal verbs of obligation and permission.


Task 1 - understanding

Task 2 - language activity