Customer         Hello

Helen               Hi, good afternoon. Can I help you?

Customer         Yeah, I’ve got a bag of stuff here, there’s some CDs and books and clothes, and I’ve also got an old radio. Can you take things like that?

Helen               I’m afraid that radios we’re not able to sell. But, we can, if you like, send them for recycling.

Customer         Oh.

Helen               Or you might prefer to, you know, take it back and, because if it can be used, you might not want to have it recycled.

Customer         OK, do you think other shops would be able to sell them?

Helen               Possibly. It depends on whether they’ve got anybody who can test electrical items…

Customer         OK…

Helen               …to ensure that they’re working. We’re not allowed to sell them. We don’t have anybody here who can test them.

Customer         OK, thanks. And, also, at home I’ve got a lot of old photo albums that are empty. Would you sell them, or would they just be recycled?

Helen               If they’re in good condition, we would certainly sell them, yes.

Customer         OK, OK, so I’ll bring them in next time. I’ve got quite a bag here, if you want to take that.

Helen               Right. Thank you very much indeed.

Customer         OK, thank you.

Helen               Do you know about the Gift Aid scheme?

Customer         Mm, I don’t, no.

Helen               If you sign up for the Gift Aid scheme, Oxfam is able, and if you’re a UK tax payer, Oxfam can get 28p in the pound more for each item that we sell…

Customer         Oh, that sounds like a good idea.

Helen               For each donated item.

Customer         OK, have you got a form I can fill in?

Helen               Yes, so here’s the form and my colleague over there will help you.

Customer         OK, thanks very much. Thank you.

Helen               Thanks.

Customer         Bye

Helen               Bye

Listen to a charity shop worker talking to a customer and practise your listening comprehension. You are going to listen to a conversation between a customer and Helen, a volunteer working in the charity shop.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - what can you remember?