Rene:           Anna, there’s been an accident

Anna:           Really what's happened?

Rene:           It was Susana, She slipped over; there were some chemicals on the floor.

Anna:           Oh chemicals, where was she?

Rene:           It was in the storeroom on the first floor

Anna:           OK, could she move?

Rene:           No, it was too painful, she can’t move.

Anna:           Right, I'm going to phone an ambulance right now, you need to get Ewa, the first-aider and go and check.

Rene:           OK

Do you know what to do if there is an accident at work. In this resource you will listen to Rene reporting an accident to the supervisor. You will also practise using language to report accidents in your own workplace.


Task 1 - finding out what happened

Task 2 - questions and answers