Clip 1

Phil:             Oh, hi. My manager told me there’s a problem. Can I help?

Customer: Yeah, yeah, thank you. My papers keep getting thrown away.

Phil:             How do you mean?

Customer:  Well, I print them out, I put them on my desk and in the morning they're gone.

Phil:              Can you tell me exactly where you put them?

Customer:  Sure, just under my desk, in a big pile.

Phil:              Is that not a bit near to the bin?

Customer:  It's not in the bin, it's by my desk and I put a big blue note on them, look that says, 'Do not throw away'

Phil:              And you’re sure the cleaner hasn’t put them on your desk?

Customer: Yes. And it’s about the fourth time it's happened now.

Phil:             Ok, I’m really sorry. Maybe the cleaner didn’t see the note or didn’t quite understand it.

Customer: It's right under my desk, it says do not throw away, it's not in the bin and it is important

Phil:              I am really sorry about this. I’ll speak to Rene, the cleaner and I'll explain.

Customer: Yeah, please, it's important, yeah?

Phil:             Yes. I understand. I’ll tell him just to throw away what’s in the bin. It won’t happen again.

Customer: OK, thank you

Clip 2

 Phil:            Hi. My manager told me there’s a problem. Can I help?

Customer: Yeah, thanks, there is. It's my hands!

Phil:              Oh no! What happened?

Customer:  Well, it's some sort of allergy.

Phil:               An allergy to what?

Customer:  Well, it must be the cleaning products your cleaners use

Phil:              Really? Are you sure?

Customer: Well, I've not had it before and I don't use anything at home that's chemicals so yes, it's got to be the cleaning products here.

Phil:             We do only use polish on the furniture.    

Customer: Well, it must be the polish then.

Phil:             I’m really sorry. We have never had a problem like this before.

Customer: Well, that doesn’t really help me, does it?

Phil:             Look, I am really sorry. We’ll sort this out. I’ll ask the cleaner to stop using it on your desk.

Customer: Well, that's fine, thank you, but what about anything else that I touch What about the kitchen and desks around me?

Phil:              Well, yes, I’ll ask him not to use it there either. And also I’ll speak to my manager and see if we can change the polish.

Customer: Thank you

Clip 3

Phil:             Thanks for coming to see me. My manager told me there’s a problem. Can I help?

Customer:  hmm, yeah. It’s the cleaner.

Phil:              Are you not happy with Rene?

Customer: Oh no. The cleaning's fine. I mean his cleaning is fine. There’s no problem with that.

Phil:             Good, but what is the problem?  

Customer: Well, it’s the time he’s coming in to clean.

Phil:             Oh no. Is it too late? He’s supposed to be finished by 9.

Customer: No. He comes in here at about 8.30 It’s just that …

Phil:             Yes?

Customer: It’s a bit embarrassing. You see, I like to do a little bit of yoga to set me up for the day. You know, to relax me before seeing my clients. And the thing is, the cleaner –  Rene, is it?

Phil:             That’s right.

Customer: Yeah, well Rene. Well he interrupts me.

Phil:              I’m sorry about that. Have you tried putting the engaged sign on the door?

Customer: Yes, and he does knock but he comes straight in. Could you speak to him and ask                   him to wait until I call him?

Phil:             No problem. But what I could do is ask him to finish cleaning your floor by 8.30. Would that be OK?

Customer: Yes! That's perfect. Is that okay?

Phil:              It’s fine. I’ll speak to him after his shift tomorrow. 

Clip 4

Phil:             Hi, thanks for coming to see me My manager told me there’s a problem. Can I help?

Customer: Yes. It’s the toilets on the second floor.

Phil:              Okay. What’s the problem?

Customer: Well, The floors are wet and there’s no sign to let people know. One of my staff  slipped over. He nearly made a formal complaint!

Phil:             I’m really sorry he slipped. I’ll get a cleaner to bring one down now.

Customer: Alright, but the sign needs to go up before they start cleaning. It’s dangerous.

Phil:             Of course. Did your member of staff report it?

Customer: No, but he said it's been wet all week when he gets in at 8. And no sign!

Phil:             All week? That’s unacceptable. We’ve just hired a new cleaner so I’ll make sure I speak to him about that this week.

Customer: He said that he tried to tell the cleaner himself, but it didn’t make any difference.

Phil:              Right. Thank you for telling me.

Customer: Can you tell me when you’ve spoken to him? I’ve promised the member of staff to sort this out. This is a serious safety issue.

Phil:          Of course. In fact, could you complete this incident form and I’ll phone you once I’ve spoken to him. 

What problems can clients have with a cleaning company? Here you will listen to clients complaining to the cleaning supervisor and you will learn ways to respond to complaints.


Task 1 - what are they complaining about?

Task 2 - handling a complaint

Task 3 - analysing complaints