Anna: Ok Rene. I’m going to show you some ways that you can stop people slipping over when you’re cleaning the floor. They’re really easy things to do but  they’re very important. You need to use a yellow sign whenever you’re     cleaning the floor. Do you know the ones that I mean?

Rene:   Yes, but where can I find them?

Anna: Ok, well you can find them in store cupboards on every floor.  You must remember to use the sign every time that you mop the floor. It means that people are safe.  A wet floor is really dangerous and people can slip over    and hurt themselves. Do you understand?

Rene:   Yes, yes I do.

Anna:  There are some other things you need to do when you are cleaning the floor.

Rene:   Yes?

Anna:  Make sure you dilute the product correctly. If there’s too much cleaning product and not enough water, this makes the floor slippery and that’s dangerous.

Rene:   Ok, so I should always check the instructions on the label carefully.

Anna: Another important thing is this.  When you clean the floor, you need to wring out the mop. 

Rene:   Wring out?

Anna: Yeah, you squeeze all the water out. We say wring out.

Rene:   Ok, I see.

Anna:  This means that you don’t have too much water so the floor doesn’t get too wet and it will dry quickly.

Anna:  Now, this is the last thing to keep people really safe. If you see any small spills on the floor, like tea or coffee or water, then use a paper towel to clean it up.  If the floor’s clean, you don’t need any extra water and so the floor is clean and dry and safe to walk on.

Rene:  Ok, when I clean the floor, I should put the warning sign out, mix the products correctly, squeeze the water from the mop and clean small spills with a paper towel.

Did you know that the most common accident for cleaners was slipping over? Watch Anna explain to Rene some simple steps to help stop this happening. In this resource you will learn some new vocabulary and practice your listening skills.


Task 1 - order instructions

Task 2 - completing instructions